Naudinga žinoti

Gift ideas

Perfume and beauty products - a great gift for people who feel a special feeling and we want to strengthen the relationship between. Each generation is faced with the problem what to give beloved wife, husband, colleague or partner. Most importantly - give from the heart.

Perfumes and cosmetics brings the beauty and individuality of our. The key to remember, to give the perfume, we need to know the kind of person to buy. There is no separate perfume older or younger people. Even elderly people can have a youthful spirit, and young women might like to smell and older, so perfume is recommended for a person's way of.

Different people prefer different temperament perfume.

  • Veilklūs, energingi, fighting for their place in the world prefer odors, emphasize their individuality.
  • Irrespective of strong personalities like, tang.
  • Romantics, dreamers, eager to be loved, prefer a different style of perfume, – they are important, the smell symbolizes love and passion, to be warm and sexy.


How to choose the right perfume?

When buying perfume, consider the seasons of the year. : they remind you of summer mood and feelings. These scents often dominated by oil of roses and oriental fragrances. And the warm time of the year are advised perfumed refreshing scent.

Perfume rienkitės combining them with clothing or hairstyle – if you like classic style clothing, probably enjoy and classic perfume. The sporty suit most refreshing citrus aromas, etc..

Constantly using the same perfume smell the same product, the odor sensitivity decreases, because the senses get used to it.

Every human scent – unique, and well-chosen fragrance makes it even unikalesnį. Therefore, perfume should be chosen carefully and be able to use them.

Perfume perfume store try it. Do not buy a perfume just because, that they smelled delicious using your friends or acquaintances. Wearing the same perfume every person will bring you new different. Top perfume sprayed on the inner side of the wrist, – ten, where you felt the pulse. Aerial requires 15-20 cm.The distance. However, as soon as possible to understand whether we like perfume, masking the true smell pungent smell of alcohol. After application of wrist perfume, Wait 10 minutes, and then estimate the fragrance.

Pay attention to the notes, Located on perfume bottles:

Perfume“ – perfume with the highest concentration (20-30 percent.) flavored, longest emits odor and is the most expensive. Perfume has a strong, long-lasting( 12 – 24 val.) odor, therefore, they are advised to perfumed evening.

Eau de Parfum- Sweet water, they may incorporate 6-12% flavored. Sweet water remains in 4-8 val.

Toilet water“ – Eau de Toilette, which is likely to evaporate – it only 10 percent. flavored concentrate. Toilet water is best to use during the day, because it contains lower concentrations of aromatic. His scent lasts 3-6 val., however, manufacturers of perfume bottles them in small quantities, therefore, a small toilet water bottle, you always carry with you. If the toilet water smell fresh, It is usually mild and evaporated, So you can change it perfumed toilet water, but not perfumed.

Parfumuoti deodorants and body care

They contain up to 4% flavored. . Using the same smell perfumed body care products, smell the survival time significantly longer. Perfumery experts say: "If you love yourself, and if it allows the possibility of financial, recommend that you use the same deodorant smells Series, body creams and shower gel ".


French cologne called the same toilet water "eau de toilette", because their composition is identical to. The difference is, that the name "eau de toilette" is commonly used to manufacture women's perfume, The name "eau de cologne" - male perfume production. Of course there are exceptions. Men's perfume production name of "eau de toilette" refers to a very expensive perfumes. Generally used as a refreshing colognes, disinfectant, and toilet water - as a tool for perfume.


Helpful tips on how to store and use perfumes products:

  1. Perfumes damaging light and heat. Perfume, perfumed toilet water, perfume and other products best to keep the box in a dark and cool place. They can not be considered over a radiator or on a window sill.
  2. Often atidarinėjant bottle, perfume evaporates. But do not try to multiply the dilution. And if the bottles left various residues, is not advisable to mix perfume, because a good perfume made up of hundreds and even thousands of components.
  3. Often prefer to change the perfume should know, that good perfume smell is easily absorbed into the clothing fabric. Primaišius many different, even the best perfume can be up to quite a nice combination. On the same day, while at other times, Perfume different flavors advisable, while at the same time use different names for perfumes is not allowed at all, like. one smells like deodorant, otherwise - cologne or perfume, suddenly can cause unpleasant odors. Combine different fragrances can only afford a good familiarity with the subtleties of perfumery.
  4. Perfume sprayed only on the skin. Spray on clothing they can leave stains, perfumes and chemical reaction with cloth or fur odor change.
  5. Kvapnųjį water can be sprayed on the skin and, and clothing. Spraying may be in greater quantities, compared with the spices.
  6. Toilet water spraying preferred clothing. Very good smell lasts on silk and fur.
  7. Tanning on the beach or perfume should not be used: ultraviolet rays, in response to the essential oil or alcohol, leaves dark pigment spots on the body and can cause an allergic reaction.
  8. The fattier the body skin emit intense smell of perfume. The same perfume for every person smells different: Skin has its own scent, and spicy foods or smoke a cigarette will also change the skin and fragrance chemical reaction.

9.There are, our favorite perfume for some reason starts to smell differently. The reason for this may even be food, beverages or use of drugs. It is not troubled that, if you suddenly change your perfume smell.