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Jacadi – luxury perfume for children

Brand of luxury baby goods from the world-famous French, a store in New York, Paris or Düsseldorf. This is a wide range of baby products, from birth … and up shoes and perfume. Customer recognized quality. Already 30 the well known brands in the world. Jacadi - a modern and prestigious Brand offering an elegant collection for children. Jacadi respects family values ​​and therefore offers a natural and environment friendly products for children. Jacadi manufactures products for children from 0 iki 12 metų.

Jacadi- children's fashion ambassador. This honor is a strong commitment to quality. Beautiful fabrics, exclusive applique and embroidery,high-quality materials, "Fresh and natural color,finish details - all of which reflect the elegance of Jacadi, perfection and excellence.


Jacadi perfume for children

Jacadi- Modern and authentic childish brend'o aromatic expression

 Jacadi moved its core values ​​to kids, young girls and young boys, perfume in the world.

Exclusivity, emotional style, rich, original and harmonious world!

The different perfume fragrances delivered Nib glow cube boxes, which reminds the world of games and dreams.

This is a wonderful childhood stimulation, each box hides a treasure for young and delicate fingers – frosted bottle cube.







ALL SMALL JACADI  – young boys and





ALL SMALL JACADI - Small girls

Eau de toilette babies

Designed for infants from 0 iki 24 months. Patikrintas dermatologų. Sis lengvas, toilet water does not contain alcohol, therefore be safely perfume baby clothes.






Designed for small princesses. It embodies Parisian style - the elegance and splendor. Patikrintas dermatologų.

It is light and glowing, orange and nectarine flavors of water ice. Mademoiselle Jacadi for vibrant, fashionable for small girls. Mild, gel roses and honeysuckle aromas and fruity at the same time, the aroma.

It offers generous, enveloping aroma of vanilla.

Atia, atia, infancy… Maza jau as dama!





JACADI Girl -Eau de Toilette for girls

Mild, delicious fruit aroma draws us into a magical Jacadi World.

Patikrintas dermatologų.

This aromatic poem created for small girls 3 iki 7 metų, tai sapnų aromatas.

Lemon flavor is revealed at the beginning, orange fruit and licorice notes. Later, violet fruit in keeping with the solemn, figs and flowers irises.

Delicious smell in the main natoje slowly a few mild flavors - Caramel, which invites you to a journey of childhood.





Garcon JACADI – Eau de Toilette for boys

Designed for young boys 3 iki 7 metų,creative and refreshing fragrance.

Patikrintas dermatologų.

For the brave, filled his soul "for the little styling".

The refreshing aroma of bergamot opens, persiko, a hint of mandarin fruit, gradually blend lily of the valley, roses and apricot trees flower.

Musk revealed the main natoje, Ambra pagardintas.

Little hero covered with a delicate and unique flavor.